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What We Do
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Trella Advisory Group

A highly skilled team of advisors that helps multi‑generational family enterprises grow and evolve.

We Make the Complex Simple

Trella Advisory Group is a global team of experienced advisors offering interdisciplinary consulting and services to family businesses and wealthy families. With our in-house expertise and collaboration with your existing trusted advisors, we orchestrate the entire process to ensure your enterprise is aligned and successful. We simplify complexity and serve as your guide, addressing challenges such as succession planning, leadership, conflicts, wealth transfer, and governance. We provide insights for your present and future planning.

Our services encompass a comprehensive understanding and optimization of your family enterprise's technical and financial structures. Additionally, we foster open family dialogue, tackling both current and past issues that hinder progress. Operating under a neutral flag, we fearlessly delve into contentious and complex conversations that may impede your growth or steer you in undesirable directions.

Who We Serve


Enterprising Families

If you're part of a complex, enterprising or multi-generational family, we're aware of both the joys and challenges that such responsibility can bear. Rest easy, you've come to the right place. We can help you create synergy and alignment across your family, business and wealth.


Single & Multi-Family Offices

If you're part of a single or multi-family office and looking to expand the portfolio of services you offer your families, we can help. Our unique and complementary skills make us your ideal advising partner.

We've developed essential program partnerships that will enable you to create   more value for your clients.


Professional Service Firms

If you happen to be a professional advisor or you're part of a professional service firm and need to partner with a team of experts who can enhance how you work with enterprising families, then we need to talk. We will help you deepen your

relationships with your enterprising family clients.

"We are delighted to have Trella as an exceptional partner, expertly addressing the challenges of succession and exit planning for business owners, providing invaluable insights, and enabling us to offer comprehensive solutions for seamless leadership transitions."

2nd Generation Family Business Owner

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