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What We Do

Trella Advisory Group

A highly skilled team of advisors that helps multi‑generational family enterprises grow and evolve.

We Make the Complex Simple

Trella Advisory Group is a global team of experienced advisors that offers interdisciplinary consulting and services for family businesses and families of wealth. We provide in-house expertise in a broad range of areas to work in concert with the guidance provided by the trusted advisors you already retain. More often than not, we conduct the entire orchestra to ensure your enterprise is in tune.


The Trella team of advisors serves as your guide to make the complex simple. If your enterprise is struggling with issues surrounding succession planning, business or family leadership, generational conflict, wealth transfer preparation, or governance and decision making challenges, we can help. The background and expertise of our team members allow us to guide conversations to help give you insight and clarity as to where you are and where you need to be best positioned for the future.


We can help you fully understand and maximize the technical and financial structures you have in place for your family enterprise. At the same time, we can facilitate family dialogue to address present and past issues that may prevent you from moving forward. We’re not afraid to delve into contentious and often complex topics of conversation under a flag of neutrality that may be holding back progress or steering you in an unwanted direction.

Who We Serve

The Trella Team

Our team-based approach works for your business, your family, and your wealth. With a comprehensive view of the systems that shape your capacities for growth and regeneration, we work alongside you to fuel your strength and resilience.


“Trella has been a fantastic partner to us. They know the issues that face business owners when it comes to succession planning. We are looking forward to working together to further our value proposition.”

Enterprising Family with Global Operating Business

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