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The Capital Club Podcast “A Collaborative and Transparent Approach to the Transition of Wealth/Business”

Jul 7, 2023

"There's a lack of validation where they [the baby boomer generation] don't feel of value. A big part of this is feeling that their purpose and their identity have been so wrapped up in the work that they've been doing their whole life. There's a crisis of, who am I and what is the point of my life anymore?" - Russel Baskin

Preparing for retirement involves more than just financial planning. The Capital Club features Trella Advisory Group's Russel Baskin, and together they discuss the topic of the emotional and financial dimensions of transitioning into retirement. The discussion covers creating continuity plans, setting realistic expectations, and nurturing relationships, especially when retirement takes an unexpected turn. Russel's expertise lies in recognizing the link between individual needs and family well-being, adding grace and compassion to her work with families.

Listen to the entire podcast on Apple Music here: The Capital Club: A Collaborative and Transparent Approach to the Transition of Wealth/Business with Russel Baskin on Apple Podcasts

To learn more about Russel Baskin visit our About page.

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