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CPA Canada, The ONE 2023 Conference "Governance Considerations for Privately Held Businesses”

Aug 14, 2023

This insightful webinar titled "Governance of Private Enterprise," featured experts from Trella Advisory Group, Judi Cunningham, Founder, and Kathy Bright, Senior Consultant. This engaging session was hosted as part of The ONE 2023 Learning Bundle Webinar series.

The webinar delved into the critical subject of governance within the realm of private enterprises. Judi and Kathy, both distinguished professionals in their field, shared their expertise and insights, offered valuable perspectives on effective governance practices.

Private enterprise is a significant contributor to wealth, employment, and philanthropy globally, including in Canada. In North America, more than 60% of GDP is generated by private enterprise. Despite this, governance practices and structures tailored to private enterprises often receive insufficient attention from both educators and the companies themselves. Notable cases like Rogers Telecom and the Stronachs highlight governance breakdowns within such firms.

This session aimed to enhance participants' ability to serve as effective Directors and Governance Professionals in privately held or family-controlled enterprises or charities.

Key learning objectives included:

  • Collaborating with the company's ownership group in governance.

  • Identifying sources of influence on the board and shareholders.

  • Gaining insight into the impact and significance of the Shareholders' Agreement within the boardroom.

To learn more about our consultants Kathy Bright and Judi Cunningham visit our About page.

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