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"Integrating FEA into Your Practice" Workshop with Trella's Kathy Bright at Family Enterprise Canada

Jan 25, 2024

On January 25th, Kathy Bright, Senior Consultant at Trella Advisory Group, facilitated a workshop titled "Integrating FEA Into Your Practice" in collaboration with Family Enterprise Canada.

This insightful workshop was specifically tailored for Family Enterprise Advisors (FEAs) and aimed to enhance their advisory approach when working with business families.

Participants had the opportunity to delve into advanced tools, techniques, and approaches to enrich their practice and provide more effective guidance to family business clients. Through interactive sessions led by Kathy Bright, attendees gained valuable insights and practical strategies to integrate FEA principles into their professional endeavors, ultimately strengthening their ability to support and empower business families.

To learn more about our consultant Kathy Bright visit our About page.

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