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Robyn Hooper


A chartered professional accountant with more than a decade of experience supporting families, Robyn handles the unique and complex needs of enterprising families with insight and precision. She is an experienced steward for families with wealth, and is adept at translating the complex languages of financial structures for the family enterprise systems she works within. In addition to her CPA, CA and FEA designations, Robyn has also completed level one of the CPA Canada In-Depth program and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting.

Having worked in both the private and public spheres, her passion is in working with families through the complex financial considerations and decisions that they face, within their family systems, businesses, and everything in between. She is passionate about supporting families of wealth and business families as they work to deeper satisfaction, and is particularly committed to facilitating their efforts in areas of philanthropy and social enterprise. 

She lives in Vancouver with her husband and two children, and a supportive extended family.  

Designations: BBA, CPA, CA, FEA

Robyn Hooper

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