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Laura Barton


Laura has over two decades of expertise specializing in transformative communication, team dynamics enhancement, and fostering strong relationships within family enterprise systems. With a unique blend of practical wisdom and holistic wellness principles, Laura brings a refreshing approach to her work, empowering individuals to achieve both personal and professional fulfillment while maximizing their efficiency.

Notably, Laura stands as one of Canada's pioneering licensed practitioners for Insights Learning and Development, contributing significantly to its growth and impact. She's also a distinguished member of a think tank led by the founder of this influential organization. Laura's wealth of knowledge has earned her opportunities to speak at prestigious conferences, and her contributions are also evident through her co-chairing role at the renowned Executive Coach Summit, making a lasting impact on both the United States and Canada.

Laura's expertise extends beyond the boardroom, as she passionately designs and implements peer advisory groups for diverse organizations, including the esteemed Sauder School of Business and the influential Young Adult Forum. She also takes pride in sharing her wisdom through teaching sessions focused on essential family enterprise topics, such as capacity development, constructive conflict resolution, change leadership, stress management, and fostering trust.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Laura embraces a fulfilling life in Michigan alongside her loving husband. Frequently journeying to Canada, she cherishes quality moments spent with her two grown daughters.

Designations: MA

Laura Barton

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