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Dave Galloway


Dave believes that family enterprises have a unique opportunity to work together at a higher level by addressing how each member functions in the overall system. With over 15 years of training and experience with Bowen Family Systems Theory, Dave has counselled numerous individuals and families. In his work, Dave helps families resolve complex and emotionally charged issues by encouraging each person to differentiate themselves and clarify the goals they have for themselves and the family. Dave’s unique skill set combines his counselling background with extensive business experience working for startups that have become successful enterprises.


Dave is certified as a Clear Leadership trainer and has the FEA (Family Enterprise Advisor) designation. He co-facilitates Clear Leadership workshops and programs at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.


Dave lives and hikes in North Vancouver, BC with his wife of 41 years. While having Scottish roots, he loves Paris. If he’s not writing, he’s scanning journal articles for new research on what it means to be human. 

Designations: FEA, Clear Leadership

Dave Galloway

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