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Carly D'Orazio

Operations Manager

Meet Carly D’Orazio, an accomplished Operations Manager with a passion for people and business. After graduating with honors from the University of Western Ontario, Carly delved into the world of recruiting, where her dedication to sales and connecting with individuals truly thrived. In her previous roles at two international recruiting firms, she collaborated closely with C-suite executives of Fortune 500 companies, supporting their human resource needs and ensuring the acquisition of exceptional candidates to drive business growth.

Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Carly co-founded an Ecommerce jewelry company in 2021. This venture honed her business management and ownership skills, providing valuable insights that continue to propel her success.

Carly's keen eye for detail and organizational prowess make her a master at orchestrating behind-the-scenes operations critical to the success of both the company and its clients. Her understanding of these essential aspects enables her to navigate challenges with ease, ensuring seamless operations and top-notch client satisfaction.

Beyond her professional achievements, Carly finds joy in exploring new places through her travels, expanding her horizons through reading, and indulging in culinary adventures through cooking. Cherishing her loved ones, she values quality time spent with family and friends. Currently residing in Toronto with her husband and dog, Carly embraces every aspect of life with enthusiasm and determination.

Carly D'Orazio

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